CCJ Trails

For those who enjoy running or walking, both Woodmead and Auckland Park feature multiple running trails within their property. Woodmead boasts two full golf courses within the property that offers a safe outdoor alternative to pounding the treadmill. Auckland Park offers a forested route making for a comfortable running adventure.

CLICK HERE to view the Woodmead 2km Trail

CLICK HERE to view the Woodmead 5km Trail

CLICK HERE to view the Woodmead 10km Trail


Members who are making use of the grounds/trails must be extremely cautious of golfers, the courses and driving range.
Golfers have right of way and stray golf balls from the course or driving range may cause serious harm to runners/walkers or cyclists.
An area which is extremely dangerous is the golf cart path that runs parallel to the driving range.
We also remind Members that the golf courses, fairways and rough areas are out of bounds for walking/running or cycling.
Should you be unsure of the designated trails, you are welcome to contact the Sports Department who are offering complimentary tours of the multiple routes on a weekly basis.
Maps are also available at Reception.